Indore – ‘Calmed’s target for 2015, not a pretty city, but glad to be chosen!

indore - holi pic with flowers 4.3.15

I am never quite sure how much my readers already know, and starting at base-line zero is often a bore!  But briefly, ‘Calmed’ is a medical training programme devised and promoted by our own PDG Himansu Basu.  With two already ‘under his belt’ he has with support from this District put in for a third to take place in a town in India called Indore, this is one of the major towns in a state (all Indian provinces are states) in Madhya Pradesh.  In the last few weeks Doctor Basu and PP Terry Kinsman, a Rotarian from RC Maidstone have been out there preparing for the training period.  This is a digest from what Terry has sent me about the town, the project, and the trip!

indore - town centre 2

Indore, not a pretty city,or famous for anything other than being very large and industrial, we didn’t see a real City Centre (if there is one) and the Training Centre is not picturesque, but here are some photos.

indore - NRHM offices

This – I believe is the NRHM office, which will be the base for the training, as you can see, it is a functional government building, but none the worse for that.  It controls 250 primary health care clinics in the state, which is vast, one of India’s largest, and the Maternal Mortality in the state is critical; this is why Indore is important as the next training centre.

indore - town centre 3

India runs on motor scooters , tuc-tuc motor rickshaws and mobile phones.  If you are Indian and don’t have or use these you are most unusual!  It is thriving, bubbling place, the Indians themselves and the Rotarians in particularly are mainly young, and extremely enthusiastic.  Picture at the head of this posting is some of the members of District 3040, and RC Indore Uptown.

As this programme continues I will add to the inputs, you can also read more on the ‘calmed’ blog on our D1120 website.  Seven obstetricians will take part, even so it will represent a mere drop in the bucket in comparison to the task, however, it works, it’s ours, and all are highly enthusiastic.  Watch this space!

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