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My Rotary – yes it is for you too!


My Rotary is an area of the Rotary International website where you will find Rotary related information for members only. To access this you will need to sign in first, or create an account.

Signing in to My Rotary gives you a customized experience and easier access to tools and information that are relevant to you.

If you have not already done this registering is easy with this How to Create a My Rotary Account Guide (pdf).

Once you’re registered and signed in you can access further links below.


As a Rotarian you will hopefully wish to be engaged with all that goes on in Rotary. You can find many Rotary Groups with people that may share your own interests. There are also Rotary news items, online magazines and newsletters.

There’s an area offering you rewards for just being a Rotarian – see Rotary Global Rewards

You will also want to check that your personal information on the global database is correct.

As a Foundation Committee member you will undoubtedly wish to have access to information about District and Global Grants, and see what your club’s Rotary Foundation giving trend is.

Club Secretaries are able to amend club information about your meeting place as well as adding/terminating members to the global database.

Marketing, PR & Communication Committee members may access the Brand Centre and download guidelines on Rotary branding and also images and logos for club use in your newsletters and other publications.

Presidents and President-elects are able to enter your club’s annual membership and service project goals within Rotary Club Central, whilst all club members will be able to view these and keep track of your club’s progress in achieving them.

Looking for new project ideas? Then have a look what other clubs are doing around the world in Rotary Showcase. You can also place your own projects on Rotary Showcase and be proud for what your club has achieved.

If you are a new member or newly elected club officer or committee chairman, then there’s information available within My Rotary to help you understand your role. There’s even a Learning Centre with a range of online programmes that aid Rotarian development.

There’s much more too.


Go on, take the next step now and register on My Rotary if not already done so. It will enrich your Rotary understanding.


How to Create a My Rotary Account Guide (pdf).


Rotary Global Rewards


Over 6,100 Rotarians have accessed Rotary Global Rewards in the first month since the 1 July, 2015 launch.


The Rotary Global Rewards program offers Rotary club members discounts on products and services for travel, entertainment, and merchandise. Rotarians can access the Rotary Global Rewards program from the Member Centre of the Rotary International website.


Rotary Global Rewards offers discounts on car rentals, hotels, dining, and entertainment. You will find Holiday Inn, Hertz, and Apple as well as Official Rotary Licensed Merchandise (pins, shirts, etc.). See local offers to you.

More products and services from companies around the world will be added throughout the year. Check back often to see what’s new in Rotary Global Rewards.


Rotary President K.R. Ravindran (see 1 minute video) and Rotary’s Board of Directors developed the idea for the rewards program to help clubs enhance member satisfaction and retention. The program is also a way to thank members for their service and their generous support of The Rotary Foundation.


Every active Rotarian is automatically eligible to participate in the Rotary Global Rewards program.


If you’re an active Rotarian with a My Rotary account, you already have access to all special offers and discounts. If you need help creating an account, review the How to Create a My Rotary Account guide (PDF).


Initially, the program will include discounts on car rentals, hotels, dining, and entertainment. More products and services from companies around the world will be added over time.


The rewards program is for Rotary club members only.



Yes. Simply sign in to your My Rotary account using your smartphone or tablet.


For questions related to a specific offer, please contact the company directly using the contact information in the offer. If you’re unable to resolve the issue with the company, please tell us so we can troubleshoot the problem. Select the flagged link under Claim Offer.


Download instructions for using Rotary Global Rewards on your desktop computer

Download instructions for using Rotary Global Rewards on a mobile device (smartphone, tablet)


You can find Rotary Global Rewards by using the URL: – Remember to bookmark this link once opened.

What’s This? Rotary Central? Never heard of him….. You have now!

You know how it is, you wait all day for a blog to turn up about something you are interested in!, and then two turn up at once.     Partly because Richard Joy whose entry, ‘Rotary’s Best Kept secret’ was posted on Sunday.  On Saturday he was the moderator for a training seminar in Eastbourne, that is Eastbourne, East Sussex, in case there are any other ‘Eastbourne’s’ lurking about on this planet.

This was useful, partly because, as a seasoned observer of these things, I suspect Rotary Central   is going to become a great deal more central to us than most clubs, and certainly most members suspect.  Members, and clubs are always bleating about ‘lack of communication’.  You may have done so yourself, even well connected people on the District Executive don’t know everything, and even those members who, like myself, try to attend District Council Meetings and District Assemblies, conferences etc. only get a ‘snap-shot’ of what is passed on from the Rotary or Rotary GB assemblies.

Here, really for the first time, is a way that every member in every club (who cares to register on the RI – That is the  site,) can access their club’s details.  This however is just the start, and this, I suspect is where many club members will start to quarrel with the new system.

It is important because on the data your club secretary, (or whoever he delegates to be the ‘Club Executive Secretary’) – i.e. the person who is tasked with keeping the club data up-to-date, needs to be quick because all changes in, and out, of the club need to be notified within 30 days.  It is on these figures that RI will now levy the RI club contribution.  Thus if you don’t keep it current you may be charged for more members than you have.

However, it is the ‘goal setting’ part that members will find irksome.  Now, for everybody to see is how many new members you are going to try to recruit during the current Rotary year, and questions about you club ‘Diversity’ – how many women you are planning, or have already recruited as members.  How many members take part in fund raising and social activities.

Now, many clubs have got good records on most of the above, some haven’t.  Items like, ‘Foundation Giving’ which will show trends will throw light to others in the District – yes folks, anybody else can access your club’s details! So clubs will want to show that they are doing the Right Thing.  Won’t they?

So the benefits – well to RI, the men and women at the core of Rotary Central, will see who and where the achieving clubs are, and, naturally the converse the benefits are clear.  But for clubs too we will be able to see what it is that will earn us a ‘Citation’,  and no, the answer isn’t – “Whatever….”

So thank you Richard for getting up early last Saturday, and coming down to tell us about it.  I suspect you have just made yourself ‘Mr. Rotary Central’ for District 1120,  and next time, ah yes, next time, I shall remember to bring my Rotary dot org password with me.  PS. When I got home I logged on and, guess what,  my club has got fat round zeros for all the goal setting targets, I think I feel a club meeting devoted to the subject coming shortly…!

Hailsham newhaven & R central meeting 011

Richard Joy, assisting a puzzled Rotarian logging on to ‘Rotary dot org’ – a new experience for many I feel, still, old dogs, new tricks!

FH – 16.4.15

Does ‘Rotary’ always have to be about food? Senlac honour the haggis – and their stomachs!

Perhaps ‘anything’ you are becoming dyspeptic yourself!  But why, fellow Rotarians does so much of what we do have to revolve around food?  Yes, yes, I know that fellowship is an important part of the Rotary mandate, whatever that may mean, but it seems to me that for many clubs, and I am not singling RC Senlac out for criticism in this regard.  They are an excellent club and have one of the truly most forward-thinking and independent overseas actions of perhaps any club in our District.

They also happen to be one of the best correspondents to the blog site, even following the sad death of Senlac Press Officer, Rtn. Wendy Cocker recently, and the picking up of her batten by Rtn. Colin Goldsack, without a pause.

I nearly missed it, but now on my Netbook, while deleting e-mails I pause, to look at the photos.  The Burns Night supper is a regular with Senlac, and they do a night for ‘The Bard’ too.  I mean William ‘Swan of Avon’ Shakespeare, on St. George’s Day.  But I repeat – Rotary is frequently, in my opinion, too frequently, more about taking on board far too many calories – Christmas Dinner, Ladies Night,  Triennial Bashes, you name it, clubs eat it, and not enough about our ‘core’ activity.  “What’s that Guv.?”  Well, unless I have got it all terribly wrong, it is about giving service to our community and others overseas, both by personal service and by financial donations on Club, District and National levels, and through TRF -Rotary Foundation.

So although this posting may be regarded by some as ‘unfair’, other Rotarians may say – perhaps ‘Anything’ old thing, you have a point, and horrors, perhaps ‘the meal’, the centre of the Rotary meeting, has become part of ‘the problem’, not part of the solution.

If we were to give more of what we spend as meal fees to er- the Yellow Men of Kadongdong, RC Senlac’s major action, we would be looking slightly less portly, and doing more good where it is needed.

Pic. Pres. of RCS Bob Wren and Pipe Major pipe in the haggis at The Highwoods Golf Club, E. Sussex late last month.

senlac - piper plus haggis

P.S.  As well as Scottish dancing – phew – so that’s where the calories went!  Also Mike Stewart, one of the co-ordinators of ‘The  Yellow Men’ was honoured as an Honorary Rotarian.  More power to his elbow!

The CALMED 2 Vocational Training Team on parade!

Last Saturday, all those who are involved in the forthcoming VTT (Vocational Training Team) to India met at the leafy  precincts of the Chatham campus of Christ Church University.  The CALMED 2, Global Grant to Bhuj, in Northern Gujarat is beginning to take shape.

This was the first opportunity everyone had to meet the team who are going,  Also, those who are planning to go on a forthcoming VTT  (CALMED 3 is in the pipe-line!).  Not least,  the D 1120 Foundation team back-up, without whom it just would not happen!

Full D1120 Foundation CALMED Team 9.8.14

What is ‘CALMED’? (pronounced ‘Kalm’d’,) It stands for Collaborative Action to Lower Maternity Encountered Death, and is training for Indian doctors and midwives to train nurses who will act as ‘barefoot midwives’ in the villages. Many women in India still give birth in their houses rather than in hospital, and this Global Grant is to bridge the gap between hospital and village.

So, let’s put some names to faces – Left to Right, Dr. Makarand Oak, Rtn. F.Hodge, Prof. Prabha Sinha, (peeping out) Dr. Nutan Mishra, Dr. Sameer Umranikar (the chap at the back that is), Dr. Bindiya Jhamb (at the front),  Dr. Himansu Basu – PDG, you already know, (you don’t! Well you should!).  Rtn. Elaine Craven, (looking over his shoulder),  Dr. Rachana Dwiveli (in red), DGE Ray Dixon, Dr. Hasim Ahmed (who organised the meeting), Rtn. Terry Kinsman, and PDG Denis Spiller, Chair of the D 1120 Foundation committee.

An introduction by IPDG Chris Barnett, who is Head of the VTT committee, also, DGE Ray gave some well-chosen words and wished us luck!  The day dealt with the nitty gritty aspects of the programme, who will be lecturing, and when, plus a chance as well to see some of the new demonstration dummies, all concerned with aspects of birthing.

The VTT is a Global Grant jointly funded by this District and District 3051 which covers the State of Gujurat  in Northern India, (D 3051 also covers part of Rajahstan, not unlike D1120 with Sussex, eh!). with matching funding from TRF (Rotary Foundation).  The VTT will take place in the Adani Medical Institute, a medical school, in the town of Bhuj, during November.

I shall be placing further postings about it’s progress in the forthcoming months.

It’s a Real Knockout – RC Thanet makes £32K hosting boxing gala

thanet - boxing night - the winners

Thanet Club is based in Ramsgate, and they organise and host a boxing evening. This year it took place on February 28th. – this is the ninth time they have done it, and was in association with the Ramsgate Boxing Club. It is open to boxers of both genders, and plays (if that is the right word) to a full house.

The names I have are club members, Frank Thorley and Les Ray, and I guess the other man is Club President Neal Elliot. And yes they are looking rather smug, as they have earned for their club Benevolent fund a cool £32,500 – this time round, making a total of £275,000 in total since year one.

thanet - boxing night - Laura Sandys & Hayden

And to add additional tone to this Gala Night they had local MP (Thanet South, Conservative) Laura Sandys, daughter of Duncan S., Minister in the Macmillan government. Here she is presenting a trophy to the youngest boxer, one Hayden Saunders. She also donated a bottle of champers for the draw, signed by PM David C.
Sponsors were Blaze Neon, and Heineken, and the beneficiaries will be all Thanet-based charities, including Oasis, the local hospice, and Thanet Scouts. And my Rotarian readers I cannot resist this shot of the ‘helpers’ on the evening. They can’t be Rotarians as RCT does not (currently) have any lady members Tsk, tsk!

Thanet - boxing night -girls

Canterbury Sunrise also work by night! Sleepout a Success!

Their ‘Sleepout’ catches the press’s imagination in Canterbury and East Kent. Never being one to miss a trick – publicity-wise ‘Anything’ has received their very professional ‘release’ c/with photos, which I reproduce for your interest and edification -(Oh yes?) below.
To enlarge the photo and read the text just ‘click’ on the photo and it should fill the screen. Mine does!

ComVoc October Newsletter_lores<

Reel Dancing in a Real Barn – Forest of Blean have a Wild Thyme!

;forest of blean barn dance

Pres. David Baxter & his wife, Jackie step it out.

Pres. David Baxter & his wife, Jackie step it out.

A 'dosey-doh' and off they go! Now RC Forest of Blean is not a club I hear a great deal from. But they clearly have a good time, and make money for their charities. Just recently they held their Ninth Annual Charity Barn Dance raising over £3,700, which they split; the majority going to Macmillan Cancer Fund, and a small part to the club’s own benevolent account.

I think the barn deserves a mention, its big, its thatched, and eee, it’s really old. So hats off to this year’s Club President, David, and Jackie his wife who stepped it out with the best of them. Anything 2013 always likes to hear of Rotarians having a great time with their friends, and creating interesting actions for their chosen charities. Next time send me a video clip, and I’ll post that too! Special mentions go to Cardy Construction for their sponsorship, and to Rtn. Richard Wickham of FoB club and others for a great organising job.

forest of blean dance 3<


RIBI Young Musicians Finalists 2013

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Cont’d- RIBI Young Musicians Awards- An Excellent Example of Rotary in Action!

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