No! Not a Futuristic Dystopia with funny suits! It’s RC Ashford and ‘Children in Need’

When opening the photos I thought I was on the set of ‘Doctor Who’, or some post-apocalyptic dystopia of stainless steel and concrete.  Then the penny  dropped – it’s Ashford International Station.

Friday 15th. November was ‘Children in Need’ day, not just an excuse (if any were needed!) for adults to rush about in ‘Pudsey Bear’ outfits shaking cans.  RC Ashford did just that (Thanks to local Rotarian John Hobbs, who had some large Pudsey cut-outs which his firm had produced)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA.  And the new Ashford Rotakids club, (see 1120 WordPress passim) threw themselves into the fray to ask the residents and commuters to give generously!

They did!  and the result was a terrific £1,539 from the day, plus another  nearly £250 that the Kids had achieved already!  A grand total of  virtually £1,800 for a day’s work.  Exceptional!

(Sadly the pix that RCA sent me would not ‘open’ in WordPress.  They may send me some new ones).  FH


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