calmed in action 3 – And Kalyan Banerjee Past RI President, is the Cherry on the Cake!

Bhuj – 12th. Nov. 2014

Since the last posting on WordPress we have been visited by three people from R.I, and all, in their way quite important.   Jon Wahlund, the Rotary Foundation’s specialist on Maternal and Public Health, and Abby McNear, who is effectively the person who vets proposed Global Grants and says whether they get money, or not.  Yesterday was the last full day of the second course;  it dealt with sepsis, and interestingly, but also sadly yesterday six women who had been to a Government of India camp to accept sterilisation, died.  What of?  well, not revealed as yet, but the concensus around the ‘calmed’ breakfast table is ‘Sepsis’, that the surgical instruments had not been properly sterilised between patients

Class on sepsis.  In blue shirt Dr. Sameer on the VTT team, watches

Class on sepsis. In blue shirt Dr. Sameer on the VTT team, watches

And this morning, also bright and early, arrives  PRIP Kanyan Bannerjee,  President during Lynn Mitchell’s term as DG.  He is given the Grand Tour, and is given unsolicited testimonials (by the trainers in training room) on how good they thought the training was.Then onward and upwards, literally, to the second floor for the Press Conference.

bhuj - JW, JP,KB, & HB                John Wahlund, DG Jagdish  Patel, PRIP Bannerjee and PDG Himansu Basu

Having prepared twenty Press Packs, I was quite prepared to be taking some home!  In the event fifteen press men turned up, and two or three asked questions.  Afterwards, seven microphones and video cameras were in action, so at least around Katchchh, (correct spelling!) we should be getting some coverage on t.v.

Doctor Rao joined the press conference, and here is a picture of Kanyan answering questions and doing a piece to camera, in Gujurati, with Doctor Rao, the original instigator of this traing period in Bhuj, beside him.

bhuj - KB & pressmen

And this afternoon, in under an hour’s time, we shall have the final session, with the representatives of the government, who will watch their doctors and nurses receiving their certificates of training.  And, apart from a planning meeting on the ‘Way Ahead’ for the possibility of a ‘calmed’ training centre in Bhuj, is virtually the end of the VTT.

And – may I add, what a busy couple of days it has been!  FH 12.11.14

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