‘calmed in action’ 2 – The Class of 2014 on Parade, at the ‘Angel of Bhuj’

bhuj - 10th. Nov. 016

I like this one that I snapped while the were waiting for the ‘real’ photographer because the class was ‘at ease’, and I think you can see from the picture how relaxed they were after only a few days together.

In fact here are both the ‘Master Trainers’ – i.e. the doctors who were on the original course last week, and the Trainers who will be going out ‘to the people’ and passing the techniques they have learned during these few days to the pregnant and delivering mothers who require their assistance.

So, although I haven’t done a head-count of the people in the picture there are about sixty-something in total who have drunk at the well of ‘calmed’ during these two weeks.

And tomorrow?  – tomorrow, now today, is ‘The Big One’ when John Wahlund and Abby McNear from the Rotary Foundation fly in to see just what ‘calmed’ is all about, and on Wednesday PRIP (Past RI President) Kanyan Bannerjee will be paying us a visit.  In Rotary terms – ‘That’s big ju-ju!’

In haste as I am just about to go to the airport to collect the two aforementioned, may I present the ‘Class of 2014’ – and the Angel of Bhuj?  That is the stainless steel figure that stands in the Entrance Foyer of the Adani Medical Institute, that you can perhaps see behind the trainers, and  is a metaphor for what we are doing here.  ***              FH 11.11.14

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