Thank you Sevenoaks – not modish or ‘trendy’, but you are what this District is about

Alan Waters is the editor for the .  He sends me a copy as ‘pdf’.  I read it!  I have never visited that club, and from the exalted heights it is easy to have a smile at some of the attitudes expressed, but wait!  Listen to this:

1.  A talk on ‘Water Aid’ with a commitment to give them money, and with RC Sevenoaks that will be a worthwhile sum.

2. Agreement to send a cheque for £1,000 to Demelza House –  (the childrens’ hospice) oh, it says ‘another’ £1,000, that means they have sent at least £1,000 already, probably more.

3. A collecting point for ‘Mercy Ships’ – not sure how that works, but sent £600 to the charity.  More than most clubs eh?

The Ladies Group is called here – ‘Spare Wheel’ – I like that, it mixes humour with an insouciance that some ‘right on’ Inner Wheel groups lack, – they raised another £200 odd for Alzheimer’s Society, and Kent Air Ambulance. Well done!

And the Big One?  they also organise a 10 km. race, with 500 runners, estimated benevolent amount – projected at £6,000.

As we all get older, we may not be able to be out cleaning up gardens, but raising and distributing money is service too.  And in other small ways – here’s one:

sevenoaks - war graves in burma

One member has been to Myanmar, he openly admits to him (and me) and many of us of our age it is still Burma (and why not!)  During this visit they persuaded the tour guide to divert them to the British and Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemetery, so they could pay their respects to the British and commonwealth war dead.  Yes, members, that is Rotary Service too! 

Also a charming piece about a visit to a conference in Hungary – and how things were managed (to the writer’s benefit) in them thar days before the wall came down.  Thank you Alan Waters, from the more esoteric heights of worrying about Rotary’s future you, are our present.  and for that, no sniggers, no irony, I salute you?!  FH 29.3.15

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