‘calmed’ in action’ – thirty Master Trainers, and they are all very motivated


Not only for the large ‘set piece’ training sessions, but also in the ‘breakout’ groups where the trainers have been divided into three groups of ten people, there has been a high level of interest and involvement by the participants in this, the first week of the ‘calmed’ Vocational Training Trip (VTT) enabled by D 1120, & D3051 contributions, matched by a Global Grant by the Rotary Foundation (TRF).


Trainers in a Breakout Group’ work on a Partograph Scenario (cards updated at 4 hour intervals)

The first part of ‘calmed’ the training of the ‘Master Trainers’ doctors and senior midwives, finished last night.   But!  they haven’t finished yet!  They stay to start the second training session where they are the Trainers for the second level trainers who will be in the rural health clinics and bringing the processes and methods they have learned this week to the people.

A word too about the VTT members, five obstetric and gynaecology consultants who have formed the training team.   The fact that all of them are bi-lingual in English and Hindi has meant that everyone in the course has understood everything.   Frequently they have been saying it in English then repeating it in the second language.  As Santanu Acharya, one of the doctors observed:  ‘ It has helped me improve my Hindi, if nothing else!”

bhuj-the vtt team @ Bhuj airport 2.11.14

Bhuj Rotarians welcome the VTT team at Bhuj Airport last Sunday – we’re the ones with the garlands!  FH 7.11.14

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