If you were waiting for ‘Rotary Day’….. Sorry, You’ve missed it!

Rotary day 2015

I’m sorry RI and R-GBI, yes folks, that’s ‘RIBI’s new moniker.  Rotary Day is in my mind, and it seems to most of the ‘active Rotarians’ I know;  the biggest -non event – of the year.   When I was MPRC Chair, and with the active help and co-operation of some Rotarians in the Eastbourne area, mainly Chris Brenchley, (before he became an AG) we did, two year’s running, hold an Awareness Event in Eastbourne’s Arndale Centre.  We sold crocuses, had some poster panels on what the local clubs were doing.  OK, you’ve seen it before.

Then this year into my ever-open ‘Inbox’ popped, or dropped the above, with some text from RI’s Publicity Department focusing on the positive aspects of the Polio campaign. (Of course).  Now I know that most Rotarians do give their time to help at ‘awareness events’ both for their own club and for Rotary as a whole.  But Rotary, and here I am talking mainly to those wunnerful folks in old Evanston,  is February really the best time of year to talk to people about 1.  Our successes. 2. Our future, (no, I won’t make a funny).  Membership, Foundation, oh, and by the way  – WOULD YOU LIKE TO BECOME A MEMBER?

Now I don’t know what the weather is like in Chicago – cold and snowy I expect, here it is what the Scots call ‘dreek’.  It’s cold, its wet, people are feeling hard-up after Christmas New Year, and paying their January income tax.  And they are just hoping to survive until Spring comes round, possibly in late March or early April.   Do they even want to think about joining Rotary?   Well Americans, “You do the math – I’ll make the pizza!”

And my point is, February 23rd. is arguably one of the worst dates in the calendar anyone could choose for an awareness day.  So all you Clever Marketing People in Rotary One, oh, and Alcester office would care to have a word of advice – Mmm, thought not;  however, here it is: try sometime in June instead, it’s warm, so you can go outdoors, mostly, and people are open to new suggestions, they might even put a couple of quid in the Polio can too. Got it folks? NOT FEBRUARY – yeah!

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