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Canterbury Sunrise also work by night! Sleepout a Success!

Their ‘Sleepout’ catches the press’s imagination in Canterbury and East Kent. Never being one to miss a trick – publicity-wise ‘Anything’ has received their very professional ‘release’ c/with photos, which I reproduce for your interest and edification -(Oh yes?) below.
To enlarge the photo and read the text just ‘click’ on the photo and it should fill the screen. Mine does!

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The Rotary Club of Canterbury Sunrise supports Parkinsons UK

The Rotary Club of Canterbury sunrise recently supported the Canterbury branch of Parkinsons UK by arranging an opportunity for their Skylarks singing group to sing on the high street and collect donations. The Skylarks comprise branch members with Parkinsons disease and their families.


Founder of the Skylarks, Professor Grenville Hancox said “We are finding that singing can be a great help to People with Parkinson’s: it is great fun, they are able to meet friends who understand their condition, and it strengthens their voices

The Canterbury Branch of Parkinson’s UK is most grateful to the Canterbury Sunrise for its support by paying for the cost of hiring a meeting hall for the groups practice sessions over two years starting in February 2010.


Rotary Club President Jim Gascoyne said “Using our skills and contacts to help the Skylarks raise their own funds is a natural thing for us to do. Café Rouge and O2 phones were very supportive. Rotarians also helped on the day collecting donations from members of the public.   In total, £372 was raised for the Skylarks in just 2 hours. Maybe it’s time for us to form a Rotary Club choir!”

(Received from Rotarian Steve Root)