My Rotary – yes it is for you too!


My Rotary is an area of the Rotary International website where you will find Rotary related information for members only. To access this you will need to sign in first, or create an account.

Signing in to My Rotary gives you a customized experience and easier access to tools and information that are relevant to you.

If you have not already done this registering is easy with this How to Create a My Rotary Account Guide (pdf).

Once you’re registered and signed in you can access further links below.


As a Rotarian you will hopefully wish to be engaged with all that goes on in Rotary. You can find many Rotary Groups with people that may share your own interests. There are also Rotary news items, online magazines and newsletters.

There’s an area offering you rewards for just being a Rotarian – see Rotary Global Rewards

You will also want to check that your personal information on the global database is correct.

As a Foundation Committee member you will undoubtedly wish to have access to information about District and Global Grants, and see what your club’s Rotary Foundation giving trend is.

Club Secretaries are able to amend club information about your meeting place as well as adding/terminating members to the global database.

Marketing, PR & Communication Committee members may access the Brand Centre and download guidelines on Rotary branding and also images and logos for club use in your newsletters and other publications.

Presidents and President-elects are able to enter your club’s annual membership and service project goals within Rotary Club Central, whilst all club members will be able to view these and keep track of your club’s progress in achieving them.

Looking for new project ideas? Then have a look what other clubs are doing around the world in Rotary Showcase. You can also place your own projects on Rotary Showcase and be proud for what your club has achieved.

If you are a new member or newly elected club officer or committee chairman, then there’s information available within My Rotary to help you understand your role. There’s even a Learning Centre with a range of online programmes that aid Rotarian development.

There’s much more too.


Go on, take the next step now and register on My Rotary if not already done so. It will enrich your Rotary understanding.


How to Create a My Rotary Account Guide (pdf).


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