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Have you brought the chequie my little turtle-dove? Folkestone have!

Now you know that I (and other high-minded Rotary p.r. and presstarians (new word – I like it!)) go on about Rotary pix with the large format cheque being supported by three or four pumped-up Rotarians.  And yes, sorry folks this is a classic of the genre.

But they have a slight excuse……..  not only is the cheque rather large physically, but it also has quite a lot of noughts on it.   How much did your club raise last year?    £10, thou?,  mmm, that’s fairly average/  How about nearly £20, thou?  Well people you have really worked hard this year, and what the Polio hunger lunch – oops, I mean frugal meal raised £450, that’s really good.

I shall not keep you lot in suspense any longer,  RC Folkestone, with their Ninth Half Marathon have raised from this one event –  (pause for deep intake of breath)   over Forty thousand pounds.

folkestone - half marathon cheque - 22.12.14

And the headline?  Enthusiasts for the musical theatre will know it is a quote from the show/film of ‘The Producers’.  It is about two shyster theatre producers who, by accident have a huge hit.  It is very funny, and, if you are running out of gift ideas this Christmas, you could do worse than the DVD.

Perhaps the RC Folkestone Benevolent fund might lend you the money!

Joking apart, terrific effort, this makes over £280,000 since the inception of the project.  Oh, and by the way can I know the names of those in the picture?  I would like them to have credit too.  Thank you Ray.       FH 22.12.14

Folkestone give money for Shed Youth Project

Shed loads to give away? No but they are giving money for 'The Shed' Youth Project

Shed loads to give away? No but they are giving money for ‘The Shed’ Youth Project

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s a cheque donation pic. Yes, so? That’s what we do, well at least part of what we do. It is also about a Youth Project, and that is what we do too. Folkestone rotary Club have been involved with ‘The Shed’ youth project in their town for a time, and it’s going well. So well in fact that they (the Shed) need an extra Youth Worker, and that is what the cheque from RC F/s is to pay for! Pictured are two of the young people who use the shed’s facilities, and the Rotarians are – David Roseveare, President Elect, and Tom Miller who is on the club’s Community Affairs committee.

Ruth Tyler, who is the project leader at the Shed was very grateful for the club’s continuing support.

Win ‘Youth Speaks’ comp and get a trip to the House of Commons (with your local MP)

youth speaks '14 - teams & judges

Its Youth competition time down ol’ Rotary way! There are several Young chef competitions, and some ‘Youth Speaks’. Four clubs in the Shepway area, Folkestone, Folkestone Channel, Hythe, and Romney Marsh had a joint Youth Speaks competition which they held at the tail end of January in the Tower Theatre in Folkestone.

Three local schools took part – the Brockhill Performing Arts College, Folkestone School for Girls, and the Harvey Grammar School. subjects included such current topics as – ‘the NSA surveillance scandal’ – the importance of donating to charity – why we should never forget the Holocaust – justification of some acts of terrorism (Cor! ed) – critique of the project to save the environment – and (wait for it) ‘an assessment of Winston Churchill’s actions before he became Prime Minister’.

There were three judges – Kenneth Colley, actor and stage director, Susanna Howard, director of ‘Living Words’, and the local MP – Damian Collins. Inviting the winners to the Westminster Village was his offer. The judges and audience ‘Were delighted by the imagination, confidence, and skills in argument and presentation.’ And the winners were………….

The Seniors – Folkestone School for Girls – Amy Zsinko, Phoebe Spruce, and Hette Stainer
Youth speaks'14 - Folkestone s.f.g.

The Intermediate – Brockhill Performing Arts College – Laila Shirvell, Elle Hammond, and Daniel Purkiss

Youth speaks '14 - Brockhill arts coll

And the dude with the winners? That is citizen Damien in the suede sneakers. I hope they enjoy their visit!



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