Hette Stainer – If you took a ‘selfie’ of District 1120 what would it show?

Rotarians – ‘Anything’ owes you an apology.  He has been away on planet “Яркая звезда” until recently, so my brain etc. has taken time to readjust to the atmosphere, 15 pounds per square inch on the old body etc. and getting round to see what has been troubling the Wonderful World of Rotary in the last few weeks.  I have to say that it is looking a bit on the thin side except for Tim Cowell, Press Officer for RC Folkestone Channel, who has been sending quite a few e-mails.  He is what one of my ex-employers used to say – “Made up”.  Is this a Sussexism I wonder…..   In plain English  he is pleased and proud, and with good reason.


Hette Stainer in Ecuador – a selfie

Hettie Stainer, A student from the Folkestone School for Girls she has with her portfolio of pictures has become the National Senior Winner of the RGBI ‘Young Photographer’ competition.  And of the pix I have seen they do her and her photographer’s eye much credit.  Her pictures were taken during a visit to Ecuador recently when she was undertaking charity work (unspecified in Tim Cowell’s press release) and thus the photos were right up the Rotary alley.  The one I liked best was the one I append below entitled  ‘Jess the Angel’ with Ecuadorian children.

If young Hette is not already in the movement either Interact or Rotaract – enrol her! somebody do so, quickly, we need young people with talent, badly.

If we were to take a ‘selfie’ of our work recently and how this District is faring what would it show?  Much good work, yes, most Rotary clubs in the area are committed to their communities, however, I do get the feeling that sometimes what we do is somewhat, how can I put it – ‘uninspired’.  Having worked ourselves  into a good groove, we are reluctant to stand up and shout and scream about our frustrations with the slowness of the Rotary system – the frustrations of getting grants out of TRF, and yes, the unwillingness of some (quite a few) members to spend time to give service – especially at short notice.

I was always at pains when talking to the press or putting out material to stress we were not ‘just a group of middle-aged men enjoying the dining aspect of Rotary but-not-much-else’.  But oh lordie, despite the recent changes and new clubs with younger members I am not sure if we can generate the energy and enthusiasm we need if we are going to get the new, young idealist members we so badly need.  Ho, hum, not a rant, but when you come back to earth you just wonder, where are we going?  A new Rotary year now only days away, let’s hope we will take a selfie that inspires us – please!


Jess the Angel plus young Ecuadorians

PS.  I did not mention that Hette’s trip was part funded by a contribution by RC Folkestone Channel.  Well done guys!

FH =- 24.6.15

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