Does ‘Rotary’ always have to be about food? Senlac honour the haggis – and their stomachs!

Perhaps ‘anything’ you are becoming dyspeptic yourself!  But why, fellow Rotarians does so much of what we do have to revolve around food?  Yes, yes, I know that fellowship is an important part of the Rotary mandate, whatever that may mean, but it seems to me that for many clubs, and I am not singling RC Senlac out for criticism in this regard.  They are an excellent club and have one of the truly most forward-thinking and independent overseas actions of perhaps any club in our District.

They also happen to be one of the best correspondents to the blog site, even following the sad death of Senlac Press Officer, Rtn. Wendy Cocker recently, and the picking up of her batten by Rtn. Colin Goldsack, without a pause.

I nearly missed it, but now on my Netbook, while deleting e-mails I pause, to look at the photos.  The Burns Night supper is a regular with Senlac, and they do a night for ‘The Bard’ too.  I mean William ‘Swan of Avon’ Shakespeare, on St. George’s Day.  But I repeat – Rotary is frequently, in my opinion, too frequently, more about taking on board far too many calories – Christmas Dinner, Ladies Night,  Triennial Bashes, you name it, clubs eat it, and not enough about our ‘core’ activity.  “What’s that Guv.?”  Well, unless I have got it all terribly wrong, it is about giving service to our community and others overseas, both by personal service and by financial donations on Club, District and National levels, and through TRF -Rotary Foundation.

So although this posting may be regarded by some as ‘unfair’, other Rotarians may say – perhaps ‘Anything’ old thing, you have a point, and horrors, perhaps ‘the meal’, the centre of the Rotary meeting, has become part of ‘the problem’, not part of the solution.

If we were to give more of what we spend as meal fees to er- the Yellow Men of Kadongdong, RC Senlac’s major action, we would be looking slightly less portly, and doing more good where it is needed.

Pic. Pres. of RCS Bob Wren and Pipe Major pipe in the haggis at The Highwoods Golf Club, E. Sussex late last month.

senlac - piper plus haggis

P.S.  As well as Scottish dancing – phew – so that’s where the calories went!  Also Mike Stewart, one of the co-ordinators of ‘The  Yellow Men’ was honoured as an Honorary Rotarian.  More power to his elbow!


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