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Senlac don’t just pay the piper – they give him a medal!

senlac - burns night - medal 4 piper

As you know ‘Anything’ is always on the look-out for the weird, the wacky, and the touching. In a world of rather posh Rotary, I love the personal touch from many of the clubs in District 1120. And in their own discreet way….! they do not disappoint. As I have hinted in the Facebook comment connected to this story I find RC Senlac one of the most interesting clubs in ‘my manor’. They have members from three boroughs in East Sussex, (despite Rotary competition from all 3), and have a stoically individual sense of purpose. Perhaps best illustrated by their ‘Yellowmen’ project in up-country Kenya which they continue – (pause) without TRF assistance.

At this Burns Night Supper, which was in the Cooden Golf Club – ooh, watch out RC B-o-S! they had a full house. Current President Jimmy Carroll ‘called for the Malts’ (I say – what’s that? – Ed.) served by Eddie McCall, and Iain Robinson – no need to investigate their provenance! IPP Bob Wren, gave the ‘Address to the Haggis’, & John Relfe – gave the toast to the ‘Immortal Memory’. This was followed by a ‘toast to the lassies’ – then an ode from the lassies!, followed by a Scottish themed raffle. Oh, and somewhere in between, they snarfed a plateful of the eponymous, with neaps, and tatties – that’s ‘swede & potatoes’ to you and me.

But the piper, ‘Anything’ – what did they do for the piper? I was coming to that…. the piper is one Jon Bartholemew, ‘Piper in Residence’, and for him they had something rather special – A Senlac Rotary award (alas! No picture). Do I need to say what a good time they had all had? No, but will a possible separatist Scotland make it more, or less exotic than it clearly already is!
(Notes from the evening by Wendy Cocker – Press Officer RC Senlac)

Senlac - piper @burns night


Esther, the Yellowbike hits the Yellowman trail

senlac - 'esther' m-b shot

Regular readers –Are there any? Ed will have seen previous postings about the Yellowmen of RC Senlac in the Pokot area of West Central Kenya. Well, they returned to the UK in October, but one member of the party was still locked up in her (yes, definitely her) freight container, owing to an unfortunate incident at the Westgate Shopping Centre. Now we are pleased to report that the customs men are hard? at work, and Esther has been released and given her maiden service.

senlac - 'esther' close up

Sponsored by several businesses in the Bexhill, and St. Leonards area she is about to go to the Pokot area too, its pretty hilly there, and Paul (sorry, no picture as yet) who is a Kenyan SRN (State Registered Nurse) will use her for extending the reach of the Marich clinic into the bush. So Paul and Esther will become a mobile clinic and will be there to hit the trail in time for the Yellowmen’s next visit in Februay 2014.

And in case you thought these things ‘just happened’ the two people who are primarily responsible are Eddie McCall, who is leader of the Yellowman Gang at RC Senlac, and his chum ‘Daisy’. They raised the money for Esther in about a week last summer, here’s a pic of them doing just that, and having fun doing so, largely I suspect at the Senlac Classic Vehicle show. Well done lads!

senlac - eddie & daisy comped