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As part of the event to celebrate the visit of the Olympic flame to Bexhill on 17th July, the students of St. Mary’s Wrestwood Trust College held there very own torch relay around the grounds of the school and college in Wrestwood Road.

As part of these celebrations, Mike Barton, President of Bexhill Rotary Club, presented a cheque for £1,000 to the Head of College, Craig Ribbons, and the students who were selected to carry their own torch in the relay.  The donation will be used to help fund the cost of taking every student at St. Mary’s on a very special outing to visit the Olympic stadium in London on 6th September where they will enjoy a day at the Paralympics.

St. Mary’s is a non-maintained school and college founded in 1922 and cares for up to 144 students from 7 to 19, sharing with their parents the responsibility of preparing them to become as independent as possible and ready to realise their full potential.  St. Mary’s provides therapy, nursing, care, and education for the children in their care (a recent Inspection Report stated, “St. Mary’s gives pupils an outstanding education”) but receives no grants or donations from Local Government and only minimal funding from Central Government.

Bexhill Rotary President Mike Barton was full of admiration for the staff and the students at St. Mary’s and added, “I feel very humble and motivated as a result of my visit here today and I’m pleased that Bexhill Rotary Club can provide these funds for a once in a lifetime trip to see the Paralympics”.

Picture shows President Mike Barton (left) presenting the cheque to

Craig Ribbens of St. Mary’s surrounded by the students who took part in the torch relay