Senlac Rotarians return from a successful project-full visit to Pokot, Kenya

senlac - dentist!

Open wider! You never look at your best when you are having your teeth done, or when you are covered in mud after re-building a foot-bridge over a muddy stream, but this, painting and decorating the village clinic in Marich, and sundry educational and medical bits of assistance are all in a day’s work for the ‘Yellowmen’ in their latest sortie to the Pokot district of West Central Kenya.

senlac - wendy wood & babe

For those of you who don’t already know about the ‘Yellowmen’ here is a brief outline: RC Senlac is Bexhill’s ‘other’ club, and also has links into St. Leonards. Ten or eleven years ago one of their members happened to visit the Pokot area of Kenya and was moved by the needs he saw there, on returning to his club he persuaded them to raise money and send a small group there. They are called the ‘Yellowmen’ because of their yellow tee shirts. Eleven years later they are still working in this area and they don’t get any money from Rotary Foundation for their actions!
senlac - yellowmen team

On this occasion there were ten members of the team – Team Leader, Eddie McCall, Pat Connor, Geoff Gander, Iain Robinson, Chris Folley, Tony Hawkes, Mike Stewart, Marcia Bryant, Wendy Wood, and Nick Wood. Anything is pleased to name them all – this is Rotary in action of the highest order! Which is one reason why I have named them all individually. Congratulations Yellowmen, keep up the good work Senlac Rotary Club!

senlac - bridge re-building

Senlac -FP & MS comped


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