Message from PR officer RIBI

From: Rebecca Warner [] Sent: 18 January 2012 17:02 To: undisclosed-recipients: Subject: FAO DMPRC and PRO: Polio NID India and BBC coverage – update

Hello all, I appreciate I am sending more emails than usual but this will be news you want to hear now. Following discussions yesterday with Fergus Walsh, BBC medical correspondent, and Mike and Bernice Yates, trip organisers, I can now give a clearer outline of what will be happening during the February NID in India. There will be a live broadcast on BBC Breakfast from Delhi on Monday the 20th February. This will feature Fergus at an immunisation booth and will also feature a package he has recorded over the weekend showing Rotary’s work, people affected by polio and interviews with doctors. It is likely that a Rotarian, most probably Mike Yates, will be interviewed live. The package will also be featured on the six o’clock and the ten o’clock news on the same day. The story will also be on Fergus Walsh’s blog. There will be advice for you to share with your Rotarians a little nearer the time. That’s not to say you must keep this a secret! You may share this with whomever you decide but please manage expectations. Fergus is not being paid by Rotary to do this, it is not a Rotary commissioned piece but Rotary is being showcased along with the many other heroes of this story. We can use the package in the RIBI website as it will be available on the BBC website permanently. I am checking if it is possible to obtain DVD copies for use at club meetings and other events. With regard to press releases and the names of those travelling to India in February, I will sort that out in the next few days. Kind regards,

Rebecca Rebecca Warner Public Relations Officer Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland Kinwarton Road, Alcester, Warwickshire B49 6PB Tel: 01789 765 411 Direct: 01789 768 127 Email:


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